Edgardo's flagship restaurant is located in Alexandria Virginia at 281 South Van Dorn Street. Edgardo's Trattoria Italian Restaurant is in the Van Dorn plaza located between Edsell Road and Duke Street. This puts us very near to Landmark Mall, but also near the Alexandria neighborhoods of Fairlington, Skyline, and Old Town. In addition, Edgardos is near the Fairfax County Neighborhoods of Kingstown, Springfield, Skyline, Rose Hill, and Franconia, among others. Of course we are not far from much of Arlington County either. And of course you are always free to call us at 703-751-6700 to place an order for carryout or delivery.

Edgardo's Trattoria Italian Restaurant is pleased to bring you these select pictures that we feel demonstrate the best aspects of our flagship Alexandria Restaurant. Scroll down and take a look. Then stop in and see us for yourself. Note: please be patient as pictures can take time to download.

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Edgardos Alexandria Restaurant picture

Notice the orange glow near the center of picture one? That is Edgardos famous wood burning oven. You see, Edgardos cooks every pizza the true Italian way. That means it must be cooked in a wood burning oven.  A conventional oven just doesn't make the cut.


Edgardos Alexandria Restaurant wood burning oven

Here is a closer look at Edgardos famous wood burning oven. Did you know that the bricks to make this oven were specially imported from Europe? This picture was taken from our bar counter. Notice the marble top of the counter?


Edgardos interior

This shot is looking in from our front window. Our bar counter is on the left hand side. One part of our dining area is on the right hand side. Another part of our dining area is in the foreground, next to the front window.  


Edgardos Alexandria front door

This picture is looking towards our front door. It was shot on a bright,  sunny Saturday Morning just before we opened for the day. The front window where picture 3 was shot from is on the right side of the background. Just like in picture 2, notice our marble bar counter.


Edgardos Alexandria bar counter

Like picture 4, this was taken on a bright and sunny Saturday Morning. This picture was taken looking straight towards the front window where picture 3 was shot from. On the right in the fore- ground is our bar counter with its marble top, just like in picture 2.  


Edgardos Alexandria Restaurant dining area

Did you guess this picture was taken on the same Saturday Morning as pictures 4 and 5 above? Well, it sure was. Only this picture is taken from a different angle than the other two. Our marble bar counter is very visible in the foreground here.    


Edgardos Alexandria Restaurant exterior

Now why don't you stop by and visit us yourself? Remember, the Edgardos  Alexandria restaurant is located at 281 South Van Dorn Street in the Van Dorn Plaza next to Safeway and CVS and near Landmark Mall. And plenty of parking is available.

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For more information you can view the Edgardos home page at


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